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Why Become a Member

Being a member of Wisconsin Aerospace Partners gives you the opportunity to help build the Wisconsin aerospace industry through collaboration, connection and communication.

Collaboration: Giving you a seat in the cockpit

As a member of Wisconsin Aerospace Partners, you’ll help shape the aerospace industry in Wisconsin by making us aware of your needs. By bringing potential collaborators of the aerospace industry together, we can:

  • Help you handle industry changes.
  • Aid you in finding and filling supply chain connections and other specialized needs within the state.
  • Build the events that will help aerospace companies in Wisconsin thrive.

Connection: Bringing the aeronautics industry together

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners  promotes connections between the 300+ companies doing business within the aeronautics industry. You’ll be able to focus on your day-to-day business while we work in collaboration to create the connections that bring you further success.

With our assembled data on potential partners and opportunities you can:

  • Utilize our online marketplace, which includes hundreds of companies, allowing you fill your supply chain gaps.
  • Find resources you might have otherwise not known were available to you.
  • Get in contact with the right resources and break down barriers that may be hindering growth.
  • Discover a wide variety of state financial resources.

Communication: Building a dedicated, thriving network

The aerospace industry is always growing and changing. By joining forces and engaging with Wisconsin Aerospace Partners, we can help stay on top of industry shifts and work to solve your problems together.

Contact us to become a member

Become a member of Wisconsin Aerospace Partners and help build the Wisconsin aerospace industry. Contact us today to find out how membership can benefit you.