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Workforce & Education

Wisconsin is a long-standing leader in manufacturing and offers a renowned workforce with a dedicated work ethic, a high level of skill crafting precision parts and a track record of innovation in machining. From 2017 to 2018, Wisconsin added more manufacturing jobs than every other state except Texas.

Due to low unemployment and changes in technology, finding employees with the proper aerospace training will become a challenge in the foreseeable future. However, Wisconsin Aerospace Partners assists manufacturers and other companies in the aerospace industry to work in conjunction with aerospace education institutions to help their businesses find the highly-skilled staff that will keep their companies—and the Wisconsin aerospace industry—growing and thriving.

Wisconsin workforces soar

More than 24,000 people are employed by Wisconsin businesses that support the aerospace manufacturing sector. Wisconsin companies like Gulfstream®, Plexus®, Orbitec®-SNC® and Astronautics, rely on engineering design talent to grow their businesses and remain best in class for high-end engineering, design and production. In addition to larger corporations, 90 percent of aerospace and aerospace-serving companies are small to mid-size.

Meeting challenges and making the grade

Industry trends show that in addition to the workforce and skills gap in the manufacturing industry, there’s an underdeveloped knowledge of the aerospace industry among students. Training future aerospace workforce members should be a top priority for any business in the aerospace industry.

The Wisconsin education system is well-suited to filling those gaps, with robust educational opportunities as well as specialty programs in aerospace. Wisconsin’s system of colleges and universities include more than 17 engineering related programs, including engineering certificates from technical colleges and BS, MA and PhDs at four-year institutions, such as UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee.

In addition, Wisconsin’s colleges and universities offer strong core STEM training in higher education for majors like physics, chemistry, meteorology, IT and biology. Higher education students in Wisconsin have participated in high-profile national competitions such as Hyperloop, NASA Student Launch and First Nations Launch.

A strong network of technical and community college provides the applied training and skill development critical to the state’s manufacturing and technology sectors, as well as four FAA-accredited flight training programs. Other unique opportunities include the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics.

As a member of the Wisconsin Aerospace Partners, you will be connected with educational institutions and opportunities that can help improve the quality of your workforce. Your voice can help shape aeronautics education and the workforce of the future.

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