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Supply Chain

Wisconsin contains dozens of manufacturers that produce parts and components for use in the worldwide aerospace industry. Wisconsin Aerospace Partners works to provide upstream and downstream connections within this supply chain, allowing for the expansion of businesses and an increase in the connection and reach of the Wisconsin aerospace industry.

A supply chain hub where everyone can take flight

Wisconsin contains a handful of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the aviation and aerospace sector, with manufacturers who produce aerospace systems, components and parts, as well as providing integration and assembly. Wisconsin also contains a strong metals and machining concentration that fabricates everything from raw materials to sophisticated parts.

While the manufacturing industry in Wisconsin is strong and stable, the dynamics of production and supply chain segmentation are always in flux due to changing industry factors and new technology. Wisconsin Aerospace Partners helps facilitate opportunities and connections for manufacturers and suppliers to combat those fluctuations.

Organizations filling supply chain gaps

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners has identified more than 300 companies in the Wisconsin aerospace industry. We help you fill supply chain gaps and connect you with upstream and downstream suppliers.

Manufacturers looking to expand their reach and product lines

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners assists both manufacturers who are in the aerospace industry and those seeking to enter into the aerospace supply chain market.

For those in the industry, we put you in contact with aerospace companies in Wisconsin who need your services.

For those hoping to enter the industry, we offer the expertise and connections needed to understand the safety and quality control practices that the aerospace industry requires.

One prime example of organizations that could succeed in the wider aerospace industry are unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and unmanned aerial system (UAS) manufacturers. Already an industry leader in technology, including data analysis, imaging, and sensors, we facilitate a more formal knowledge exchange and mentoring program between core aerospace companies and UAV/UAS operators.

Your connection is boarding

Looking for your next supply chain connection? Are you a manufacturer seeking Wisconsin aerospace associations? Looking to get into the aerospace supply chain business? Contact us today to talk about how we can help you make the connections that will benefit your business.