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About Wisconsin Aerospace Partners

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners supports organizations engaged with the state of Wisconsin’s aerospace industry by establishing a strong network and support system designed to grow the economic vitality of business, the state and the aerospace industry.

Connecting aerospace companies in Wisconsin

Founded in 2015, Wisconsin Aerospace Partners was created for the sole purpose of supporting aerospace-associated businesses established in the State of Wisconsin. The group is tasked with bringing aerospace companies, airports, universities and other supportive organizations together in order to foster collaboration, innovation and growth in the Wisconsin aerospace industry.

Helping the aerospace industry take off

Wisconsin’s aerospace industry is growing at an accelerated pace. Fueled by a strong manufacturing base, Wisconsin’s aerospace sector is made up of more than 300 companies that play a role in manufacturing, servicing or supplying the industry.

Our job is to serve as a bridge between these groups, helping fill the gaps in the supply chain and connect businesses with resources so that the aerospace industry and aerospace companies prosper.

Join us and soar

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners is a membership aerospace association open to any company doing business within the industry. What can we do for you?

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners allow you to focus on your day-to-day business while we work in collaboration to foster the connections that bring you further success.

Are you unsure where to locate your next supplier? We’ll help you find them. As a member, you’ll have access to our online marketplace that includes hundreds of companies.

  • We help you bridge your supply chain gaps.
  • We put you in touch with the right resources to break down barriers that may be hindering growth.
  • We help direct you to a wide variety of state financial resources.

Putting you in the pilot’s seat

As a member of Wisconsin Aerospace Partners, you can help shape the aerospace industry in our state. Our partnership is industry-driven, allowing the voices of organizations like yours to be heard as we help you build the connections and events that will help the aerospace industry thrive.

Pete Menet

Wisconsin Aerospace Partners has played a critical role in helping my company, Menet Aero, Inc. connect with the aerospace industry in Wisconsin. I started Menet Aero in 2015 as an aviation company specializing in unmanned aircraft. I was a former US Army Helicopter pilot and I wanted to create a company that could offer a place for other military aviation veterans to use their skills in a civilian setting. One of the main things I lacked coming from the military was a direct connection to industry. Through Wisconsin Aerospace Partners I’ve not only connected with others in the aerospace industry, I’ve helped expose many of those traditional aviation companies to the opportunities in the unmanned aircraft space. This synergistic relationship has contributed significantly to several of the contracts we have won and those we are pursing. I can truly say that there is no other way I would have made the connections we did with out the help of Wisconsin Aerospace Partners.

Contact us to become a member

Find your next industry connection through Wisconsin Aerospace Partners. Contact us today to talk about how membership can benefit you.