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Welcome Elizabeth Thelen to WisAP’s Advisory Board

Elizabeth Thelen

Please join us in welcoming Elizabeth Thelen to WisAP’s advisory board! Elizabeth will be serving as WisAP’s secretary. She currently works as Milwaukee 7’s Vice President of Innovation. She co-leads the Midwest Innovation Exchange (MIE) start-up team and the MIE advisory network, who are partners with the Ohio Aerospace Institute in Cleveland and NASA headquarters Strategic Technology Partnership program. In addition, she is a workgroup facilitator for M7’s Marshaling our Resources. Previously, Thelen was part of The Water Council team who built the organization, a global accelerator, pilot program and talent campaign. On top of everything else she does, she leads her own organizational consulting business, Be! and is a co-owner of Slinger Super Speedway. Welcome to Wisconsin Aerospace Partners, Elizabeth, we can’t wait to develop new aerospace innovations with you!